Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Something different ox

Just a very quick post to say that im hoping to do a few different posts on my blog, hopefully some on plants and flowers!
So keep an eye out for those :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

My nail varnish collection ox

Im not quite sure how ive managed to gather so many nail varnishes over the years but I have! There are more bottles behind the bottles at the front because it would of been hard to fit them all in if id of shown them all clearly. Most of them are bought by me or as gifts on Birthdays or Christmas but the odd few have been given to me for example my Moms friend has given me a couple. 
I love nail varnishes and I always have my nails painted but I dont use alot of them! As much as I love having lots of variety and choices, most of these have just got a bit left in but I do want to get rid of alot of them because I need the room however I never throw things away when they have some use left I hate waste. 

At the moment I just keep them in cosmetics bags, id prefer to have the in a box if I had the room lol! 
Do any of you have a big collection of nail varnishes? How do you store them?

Eldora handmade/humar hair?? eyelashes ox

A while ago I won these Eldora eyelashes on a blog giveaway, I had never heard of Eldora eyelashes before and they are actually handmade! Also they are real hair which is kind of creepy, I think its put me off wearing them because I havent got round to trying them yet and considering I never leave the house without a pair on shows somethings up lol! I do love how natural they look because you can tell when you get thick black eyelashes theyre going to look very fake on. 
They came with a little bottle of glue which looks like once its opened its hard to keep sealed but I have other glues I can use if it dries up or if its not sticky enough. 
You can see the Eldora online shop HERE! most of their eyelashes are on sale for about £4-£5.

Has anyone tried this make of eyelashes before, what do you think of the human hair part?

Sienna tan updated review ox

So a couple of months ago I won a Sienna tan set including a bottle of their gradual tan on Facebook and you can see this post and details on how I won HERE! but I won another bottle of the gradual tan off the Sienna Facebook page recently and decided to do an update of my opinion on the tan after almost finishing one bottle!
I actually do love this tan! Sienna is quite a well known tan brand and although I have used many different tans before apart from St tropez I always buy cheap tans where as this ranges at about £15 a bottle! I would say it is worth it as you pay that price for rubbish tans! When ive run out of both bottles im sure I will be buying more :)
you can see my old post on the other tans I use HERE!

Anyway my thoughts on this tan are very positive! It looks like a body lotion or cream as its just plain white but over 6 hours it gets darker so its perfect to use the night before or the morning of a day where youre going on the night time because it saves time later on! I usually put another coat on a few hours later but one coats enough for a natural bronzed look!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Head candy 'Treat me right' ox

I love the smell of these shampoo and conditioners by Head Candy but have never bought them because of how cheap they are as I always think they will be no good at 89p each from Home bargains. But my sister has used them in the past so I thought they must be alright, I havent used them yet but will update when I have!

Have any of you tried Head Candy?

Fevour cosmetics lipgloss in Ish pink ox

A while back I won a Fevour  lipgloss on Jennas blog which you can see HERE! but as it came from the US I had to wait a while because it got lost but it was worth the wait!
I love this lipgloss, the colour and the smell and taste. Its got a really pretty glittery tinge to it which is gorgeous.
 You can see the Fevour website HERE! and the link to lip gloss HERE! but in the UK it would be easier to buy Fevour from HERE! but theres not much of a range of products on this site. 

This lipgloss is in shade Ish Pink which retails at $18 which is about £11. 
Their products are cruelty free so its worth the price.

I love the colour and shine!

You can really see the shine and glittery tinge in it here.

My little MUA collection ox

I always buy MUA from Superdrug either online or in store but when they reach 35,000 likes on Facebook there's a fab offer of free shipping and 35% off so I will be ordering from there for sure :) If you don't already like MUA on Facebook you can do so HERE! and HERE! is their website.

I love the pallette its just fab!  I highly recommend it!
The mascara is amazing for £1, you can spend loads on high end mascara and theyre no better!
The liquid liner has become my new best friend!
The bronzer is also brilliant, such a bargain!
See my other posts on some of these products HERE! and HERE!

Ive used the pink (shade 4) lipstick alot and love it but havent tried the other yet.

I havent tried the nail varnishes yet buy I love the colours and have read good reviews on them, people have said how you need a few coats for a good colour but I always put 2-3 coats of polish on anyway!

I think its so crazy how all of these costs £11 which wouldnt even but 1 MAC lipstick! I love MAC but cheaper prices always win me over! I also think its crazy that about 2 months ago I only owned one thing my MUA and now I own more products of this brand that any other brand!
I will be doing reviews on everything I havent used yet once I have :)