Thursday, 20 September 2012

Passion for fashion ox

I saw another blogger design outfits for this competition so I had to enter! I love styling outfits as you probably know from the amount of competitions like this I enter. Basically what you have to do is put together 5 outfits for these occasions: party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear. They all have to be under £200 each and can be from any online website.  It is being ran by and judged by 5 ladies. One for each occasion of outfits!
 Go HERE! to get more details on the competition and how to enter.

So here are my looks and feel free to leave any comments! The websites for the clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery I chose are at the bottom of the post.

My cheapest outfit was Outdoor and most expensive was Party.

Jumper- Love Lila £29.99
Disco pants- Funky Diva £12.99
Bag- Boohoo £20
Boots- Boohoo £35
Spike bracelet- Adorning Ava £8
Ring- Gogo Philip £7
Earrings- Gogo Philip £11

Total: £123.98

Okay so my reason behind the items in this outfit are, its an outdoor look so the boots are great for warmth and comfort but still fashionable, the jumpers lovely and cosy but still stylish and the bag it gorgeous but also fits in with the stud theme running through the outfit. The jewellery is all beautiful and the disco pants are bang on trend! I think this is a great price for all these items as the boots are an investment piece that im sure would last 2 years of autumn/winter seasons at least! 
Skulls, spikes and studs are all in at the moment and look great together.

Dress- Lipsy £130
Shoes- Simmi Shoes £40
Bag- New Look £12.99
Ring- Forever 21 £3.90
Arm cuff- Chelsea doll £12

Total: £198.89 (Phew nearly went over £200!)

I absolutely love this dress and even though its over half the £200 budget it is the main part of the outfit so it just had to be chose as soon as I spotted it on Nexts website!  It really is amazing. The shoes are stunning, Simmi shoes have many gorgeous shoes but these are beautiful and I think the bag matches well. Also the arm cuffs very quirky and the ring would look great with the dress. I went for a more formal party look rather than a club party look as I thought it would be different to what other people have chose. The dress is expensive for my high street loving self but you have to invest in a nice expensive piece every so often!

Office wear
Peplum top- Love Lila £24.99
Pencil skirt- Asos £14
Bag- Boohoo £30
Shoes- Next £65
Braclet- Adorning Ava £6

Total: £139.99

This is a really girly, pretty office look. I think red lipstick and nails would just complete the look. I love these shoes from Next as there are many designer shoe styles very similar being spotted on celebs lately and these are a fab alternative. Also the peplum top is gorgeous and right on trend. I kept the jewellery simple as the outfits stunning enough!

Leather jacket- Missguided £49.99
Skater dress- Missguided £25
Converse- Office £42.99
Bag- Love Lila £42.99
Double Finger ring- Chelsea doll £9

Total: £169.97

I adore the look of converse and skater dresses with leather jackets because even though its casual its still really pretty and stylish.  I love this bag, it comes with a strap so could be worn over the shoulder rather than being held. I think this outfit would look so gorgeous on and even though most the items are quite expensive compared to the other outfits but the converse and leather jacket would last for ages and can be worn with anything so they are worth it! And the bag is gorgeous.

First Date
Shirt- Love Lila £22.99
Jeans- River Island £20 
Boots- Simmi Shoes £38
Bag- Dorothy Perkins £29.50
Earrings- Gogo Philip £25
Arrow rings- Gogo Philip £8

Total: £143. 49

I didnt know quite what look to go for on this one because a first date could be a movie, meal, walk in the park or even just a casual coffee but I went for a look that is casual yet pretty enough for all of these. Even though ive chosen heels, theyre chunky and not too high so would still be comfy enough to walk around in, last thing you want is 5-6inch heels on a date because if you fall you will never get over it! But the shirt gives a nice formal look that would still look dressy enough for a nice posh meal!
I love this shirt is looks so designer with the skull collar chain.


Max Factor FACEFINITY foundation ox

I was really shocked when I opened this parcel yesterday. I had applied to try Max Factors brand new foundation before it hits the stores and only the first 100 people got to receive a bottle. I completely forgot about it and if I had never of received it I wouldnt of give it a second thought but I was so pleased I applied now as I was running out of foundation and wanted to invest in a good one but this has saved me time and money! Im sure its going to be around the £10 mark if not more once available in shops really soon. However I tried a bit on my cheek last night and it covers really well, the colour matches my skin really well too so it'll be worth the money.
The foundation is 3 in 1 as it works as a Primer to hold, Concealer to correct and Foundation to finish.

It covers really well and seems to me to be a really good foundation! I will update after a few weeks to let you know if its still as good as it seems. Hopefully I wont break out in spots!

Gogo Phillip and Models own Ibiza mix ox

So today in the post I received 1 prizes that ive won recently! Royal Mail arent brilliant at the moment so I was shocked to receive them so quickly! First up is this amazing peace sign necklace I won from Gogo Philip on Twitter and you can see their twitter HERE! and website HERE!

When I opened the parcel and then unwrapped the prize I was so excited as I hadnt seen a photo of the necklace so wasnt too sure what it would look like but their jewellery is fabulous so I knew id love it, but when I opened it the necklace exceeded my expectations! I am in love with the necklace. I adore things with peace signs on at the moment so its just perfect! The necklace retails at £11 which I think is reasonable and would happily of paid this for it. All of their jewellery is reasonably priced considering how stylish and fashionable it is, not to mention the facts many celebs love and wear GoGo Philip. I will definatly be buying jewellery from GoGo Philip in the future!

Last is this gorgeous Models Own Hed Kandi nail polish I won in a blog giveaway over on Yasmina Writes blog, you can see her blog HERE! Yasmina also has her own online jewellery shop and you can see her site Treasured Delights HERE! 
I love this nail polish but my nails are already painted and im going out soon so I havent tried it yet but I will put up pictures once I have! I love all the different colours in this polish and cannot wait to try it. Its got shades of gold, blue, purple and im pretty sure theres red in there too! Im so greatful to have won as ive never tried Models Own nail polish before and have been meaning to get some so this has inspired me to get more.

Truly Fifi ox

Is this, or is this not amazing?! I was so pleased to of won one of the prizes in Truly Fifis last giveaway on Twitter! The main prize was a hand painted bag and 3 runners up won a hand painted personalized greetings card each and as much as I wanted to win the bag I am still so happy with the card. As soon as I opened it yesterday when it arrived in the post I was really excited and fell in  love with it! I chose to get he card personalised for me as I could never give it away so I keep it standing up on my shelf but when I get round to it I want to put it in a photo frame of my wall :)
For anyone that doesnt know, Truly Fifi is a business ran by a Mom of 3 who paints bags and other personalised gifts. You can see her twitter HERE! and her website HERE!

The card is so well painted and neat! I love the bits of glitter in it too, its just amazing! 

Here are a few snaps of her hand painted bags! She can paint them to look like you with your choise of clothing, accessories, slogans etc! I would love it if you could give her a follow on Twitter as there are more giveaways coming up for some of her amazing items. Also Christmas is near and her bags and cards make perfect gifts.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

£50 BooHoo blogger challenge ox

In the last couple of weeks ive seen alot of posts for this challenge and I love competitions like this, I find styling outfits so fun! So I came accross the site thats running the competition with and thought I would enter.

This is what they ask you to do:

"To celebrate making it into our Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list, we have launched a new blogger challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under at Your outfit can include whatever you like, a dress, shoes, jewellery, accessories and whatever else you can find as long as the total cost does not exceed £50. There are four £50 fashion vouchers up for grabs for the best four fashion outfits, which means if you win you can buy your creation!"

You can go straight to the Fashion Vouchers home page HERE! and see the challenge details HERE!

So here is my entry:

Feel free to leave comments, good or bad!

I thought with Halloween looming and being mentioned here there and everywhere this stylish yet almost gothic look would be fabulous and suitable for the time of year! 
I had to choose these fabulous shoes as I love cats and they are amazing! If I dont win I shall defiantly purchase some very soon. What a bargain at £15. 
I am loving skulls at the moment so I felt it would be wrong not to of picked this clutch, its amazing!
The skirt is very on trend as peplum skirts and dresses are in fashion and so is leather so the fact this has 2 styles trends in 1 item of clothing made it perfect!
And the top adds another colour rather than black, I didnt want to go to far towards a full gothic look.

So overall my items link together in ways because ive gone for a Good and Evil look with the Daunting Skull clutch and Smiley Kitty shoes, also the top is very similar to a pussybow blouse (Kitty and pussy? Get the link?) and the leather carries on the goth look from the skull clutch.

I hope you can see the connections :)

Next’s Seven days of Shoes Competition ox

So today I received an email inviting me to take part in this competition and I was very excited! I love doing competitions like this because even if you dont win its still fun to get creative. You can get more details on how to enter HERE! on the blog that the competition is running on. 

All you have to do is create your own blog post, with details on how you would style seven shoes from Next’s own brand, using clothes from Next. This can be done with a moodboard, links, pictures etc: you can be as creative as you want.

I didnt want to make it too complicated so I just put together the outfits with the most gorgeous shoes I could find on Next! 
You cant use branded shoes and clothes that Next stock for example Lipsy, so all these are just Nexts own range. I chose mostly heels but also a pair of sandals and pumps so I could use a wider range of clothes.

I would love to hear other peoples opinions on my chosen shoes and how id style them so please feel free to leave comments, bad or good! The comp is open until the 28th of September so I have time to change/ammend things if anyone spots a flaw!

Day 1

So this look ive called 'Very Berry' because all these items were named Berry for example 'Berry patent shoe' by Next so that gave me the idea for the name of the complete look! I thought itd be cool to have a look where everything matched but still doesnt look too full on.
I love these shoes because of the platform on them, gorgeous!

Day 2

I called this look 'Posh gal' because its a very stylish look but simple and elegant. This would be the perfect look for work or for drinks with the girls!
I love these shoes and just had to choose these!

Day 3

I dont know where I got the name for this look, it just came to me! I love pink so I had to have a nice pinky look in the 7 days. This is a gorgeous casual look but if you simply changed the shoe to a heel it would be perfect for a meal out too.
These shoes are so cute and if I dont win I might buy them for myself!
Link to the shoes: Heatseal Ballerinas £28

Day 4

I love the clothes and shoes in this look. The pumps are really nice and so is the blouse! I love these bag and used it in a previous look on day 2. This looks great for maybe a day out with the girls at the cinema or shopping! Or just for the school run to get the kids. I wouldnt normally choose pumps but I really love these ones!

Day 5

So this look would be really great for a holiday or if you live by the beach it would work brilliantly. The dress is very pretty and could easily be dressed up but I chose the bag and shoes to keep it casual. I love these sandals I think theyre really pretty and I love the zip on the back.
Link to the shoes: Tan Toe Thong Sandals £32

Day 6
This has to be one of my favourite looks I have put together. It would be great for a day shopping with the girls as the heels arent too high. Its full of more pink but its more subtle than out there. I adore these shoes because you often see celebs in shoes practically identical to this only designer! These are a great cheaper alternative and look really glam. The bags really beautiful too.
Link to the shoes: Nude Toe Cap Metal Heels £65

Day 7

So for the last day I have chosen a look that is perfect for a night out! Its getting colder now so girls tend to wear leggings instead of short dresses when out on the town so this is what made me not choose a dress. Also I have already used a few dresses in my looks. These shoes are super sexy and the snakeskin on them matches the bag really well.

The cost of all shoes together costs £273! Pretty good considering you get 7 pairs of fabulous shoes!

Ive added this photo of the shoes alone because I didnt want the outfits and gorgeous clothes to distract anyone from the fabulous shoes as the competition is called 7 days of shoes :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Soapylicious ox

I got sent these amazing soap samples to try and blog about by Soapylicious over on twitter! Lucky me!
You can see Soapylicious' twitter HERE!
She makes all sorts of soaps in various shapes, sizes, scents and ingredients!

I was sent 4 rhubarb and custard bath bombs! I used one earlier before I took the photo and it dissolved quite quick which I prefer than a long lasting one as sometimes I use bath bombs and they last longer in the bath than I do so its a waste!

A Large soap with a heart in the middle which you cant really see in the photo. Its got baby powder in the ingredients which you can really smell in it. Its smells gorgeous and soapy! I used this soap today and it releases such a nice smell!

Also this large soap which has I <3 U in it, aww! Its got gorgeous honey scent to it. Cant wait to use this one.

One cherry and one vanilla soap, the cherry one is to die for it smells absolutely amazing! The cherry one is so yummy once you give it a rub in the bath on your skin.

And this cute little heart soap! This is called angel and smells yummy too.  

As soon as I received the parcel this morning I was so excited once I realised they were these soaps as I didnt know exactly what I was going to get but I was so pleased with them all because they look and smell amazing! I havent used them yet because I dont want to :( theyre too pretty! But as soon as I have I will update with my thoughts on them!

I HIGHLY recommend these soaps to anyone!
Perfect for gifts and theyre sold at great prices!

She makes many other soaps with all sorts of ingredients and scents including rhubarb and custard, cherry, coconut, lime, chocolate, lemon, vanilla and lavender plus much more! Here are some pictures of her other soaps! Perfect for gifts. All taken from her twitter:

Tutti Fruity Cuti ox

I love love love my new case from Tutti fruity cuti! I love all the pieces on it, its just do cute and girly. Just my kind of thing :)
Please give the lady who made this a follow on twitter HERE! and like on Facebook HERE! as her work is fantastic! She can put anything you like on a case. I took these photos off her Facebook so here are some of her other cases she has made for customers:

Arent they amazing!?