Monday, 26 November 2012

My nail varnish collection ox

Im not quite sure how ive managed to gather so many nail varnishes over the years but I have! There are more bottles behind the bottles at the front because it would of been hard to fit them all in if id of shown them all clearly. Most of them are bought by me or as gifts on Birthdays or Christmas but the odd few have been given to me for example my Moms friend has given me a couple. 
I love nail varnishes and I always have my nails painted but I dont use alot of them! As much as I love having lots of variety and choices, most of these have just got a bit left in but I do want to get rid of alot of them because I need the room however I never throw things away when they have some use left I hate waste. 

At the moment I just keep them in cosmetics bags, id prefer to have the in a box if I had the room lol! 
Do any of you have a big collection of nail varnishes? How do you store them?

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