Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fevour cosmetics lipgloss in Ish pink ox

A while back I won a Fevour  lipgloss on Jennas blog which you can see HERE! but as it came from the US I had to wait a while because it got lost but it was worth the wait!
I love this lipgloss, the colour and the smell and taste. Its got a really pretty glittery tinge to it which is gorgeous.
 You can see the Fevour website HERE! and the link to lip gloss HERE! but in the UK it would be easier to buy Fevour from HERE! but theres not much of a range of products on this site. 

This lipgloss is in shade Ish Pink which retails at $18 which is about £11. 
Their products are cruelty free so its worth the price.

I love the colour and shine!

You can really see the shine and glittery tinge in it here.