Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Matis lip balm ox

I made a post when I first received this as prize and you can see that HERE!
This is just a quick post to say ive used this alot since I first got it and its actually quite good! It tastes lovely and does make your lips feel very soft.

Its clear to can be applied over lipstick too.

Redken colour extend radiant 10 ox

Sometimes I order/request samples from sites and forget about doing it! So when I received this in the post this week I honestly couldnt tell you where it came from :|

Butttt I used it last night after I washed my hair (it can be used on dry or damp hair) and it smells really really nice! Its for coloured hair and I have had ombre hair done so I used it mainly on the ends of my hair and the ends do feel nice than normal but ill carry on using it to see if it has any lasting effect.

The large bottles retail around £15 and upwards.  
This is what its said to do:
1. Strengthens the fiber
2. Shields from environmental aggressors 
3. Provides long lasting moisture
4. Detangles
5. Softens
6. Nourishes dry ends 
7. Restores vibrancy
8. Improves manageability
9. Reduces frizz and fly-aways 
10.Infuses shine

Little soap suds ox

Recently I won a competition on Little soap suds twitter. Soap suds are a

"Little business based in Glasgow offering handmade dessert & sweet flavoured soaps & bath products"

I was really excited to of won as their soaps looked amazing!  I was hoping to get a few more soaps but im hardly one to complain when they were free, its just that the soaps looked so yummy!
You can see Little soap suds twitter HERE! and facebook HERE!

I received these 2 little treats! They look so real, especially the cookie, I cant wait to use them both but I dont want to ruin them! The soap on the left is really big so hopefully will last for ages.

Superdrug haul ox

This is the second time ive ordered from Superdrug whilst their free delivery offer has been on!
I just find it much more convenient for me to get some bits that I need without having to go to the shops. You can see Superdrugs website HERE! if you fancy a bit of online shopping :) the free delivery offers on until the 4th December. 

Excuse the upside down photo! I love carmex and when I ordered this it was on offer for £1.27 but its gone back up to £2.55 now. I always use carmex and even more so in the winter so I had to grab this while it was on offer. The cotton buds are something I use everyday so 300 for just 55p seemed like a good bargain to me!

These were buy one get one free, the toner was £2.99 and the eye make up remover was £3.39 so it cost £3.39 for both which is really good for Simple. Silly me didnt read it properly and thought the eye make up remover was a lotion but its not! Never mind..

Ive recently started using MUA and bought my first item by them which was a lipstick about a month ago. I wasnt that impressed as it seemed really liquidy on my lips but its grown on me now and I have since bought, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and now these by MUA. The nail varnish was £1 and is shade 4. The pallete was on offer for £3 but is now back to £4.

As you can see ive already used a few of these. Last weekend when I went out I had to try some of these colours and they lasted on my skin really well and looked fab! I love them and can see myself using this up quite fast.

The smell of this is amazing, I havent used it yet but I cant wait to! Its so fruity and hopefully its a showel gel that gets really lathered up, I hate shower gel that doesnt! 

All together I spent £10.10 saving £3 on postage :) I love free delivery!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Essie for £1.99??? ox

Just a very quick post to inform readers about these Essie polishes (available in many colours) for just £1.99! 
Postage is £1.99.
Ive bought off this website before so I know its legit and items arrive fine! HERE! is the link. I think im definatly going to invest in some of these :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

My dream watch! ox

I really dont know what it is about Michael Kors watches, ive never really been interested in watches although New Look and River Island ones have always been pretty but since I first saw a Michael Kors watch ive just fell in love! I especially love this one, its a hefty £171!

Its not really expensive as far as designer watches go and it would definatly be an investment piece but Its way out of my price range and I just cant afford it! You can see this watch on the Michael Kors website HERE!
Does anyone know any similar dupes for much cheaper? Have any of you got a Michael Kors watch or other designer watch? Was it worth the money? Let me know :)


I received an email from Next after entering their last blogger competition to tell me about this new one being hosted on Amy Antoinettes blog and you can see her blog and details of the competition HERE! and this is what you have to do to enter:

"To enter, simply put together a blog post showcasing three winter outfits you've styled using Next's own brand fashion collections. Show off your creative flair with moodboards, pictures, style notes and links to make your blog post as creative and original as you like. Whether you showcase how to take a LBD from day to night or style an outfit for three different occasions - the choice is yours! When your post is live, just pop a link to it in the comments box below along with your email address so I can take a look at your winter wardrobe outfit inspiration."

I really love competitions like this because I find them so fun and I cant imagine how happy id be to win! It would be amazing to think that people like my style let alone be given a prize too! The prize for this competition is simply amazing, a £500 voucher for Next...told you it was amazing! So the 3 occasions I chose are:

Dinner with the girls
Casual shopper
Night out on the town

*All items are all from and by Next, none are branded. They are all available on Next's website!*

and here they are...

Jeans - £22 See HERE!
Top - £30 See HERE!
Jacket - £48 See HERE!
Shoes - £30 See HERE!
Bag - £36 See HERE!
Snood - £16 See HERE!
Total = £182

I love all of the items in this look, I would happily wear any of these things, especially the shoes! These are really trendy and perfect for winter as they look gorgeous and keep your toes warm too!
The top is stunning as is the leather jacket and the jeans are simply altogether the outfit is really pretty. This bag adds some extra studs and ties the look together as there are studs on the shoes. The snood tops it off as the perfect winter outfit for a nice meal with the girls!

Cardigan - £75 See HERE!
Top - £16 See HERE!
Jeans - £32 See HERE!
Boots - £90 See HERE!
Bag - £26 See HERE!
Hat - £8.50 See HERE!
Gloves - £10 See HERE!
Total =£225

Im in love with this cardigan and if it wasnt a bit out of my price range I would be ordering it now! Its just perfect for the cold days as are the gorgeous boots. The jeans keep the look nice and funky as does the top/ The hat and gloves are for some extra warmth and look fab too. Im in love with the bag in this outfit, the tiny studs all over the bag are gorgeous. This look is ideal to spend the day shopping in as its lovely and comfy!

Blouse - £26 See HERE!
Leggings - £20 See HERE!
Coat - £65 See HERE!
Heels - £38 See HERE!
Hat - £12 See HERE! 
Clutch - £35 See HERE!
Watch - £55 See HERE!
Total = £251

This has to be my favourite look and occasion out of all 3! The coat is just amazing and I really want it now ive saw it, same goes for the watch, its really stylish and just completes the look. The shoes and bag are really girly and the blouse is also. I love pussybow blouses and this ones so pretty. The hat would give the outfit a very glamorous look as would the coat! Perfect to keep warm outside and once the coat is safe in the clubs coat room the outfits perfect to have a few drinks and party in!

I really hope you like my styles!! :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mini superdrug haul ox

At the moment Superdrug have free delivery on until the 24th of October so I thought I might aswell get a few bits that I need! NYC website HERE! the MUA website HERE! and the Superdrug website HERE! 
I bought an MUA bronzer, liquid eyeliner and mascara for £1 each! What a bargain and an NYC brown eyebrow pencil for £1.99 which is also a bargain because the pencils twice the size of most brow pencils.

I havent used the mascara yet but ive heard nothing but good things! Ive now used the mascara and I am impressed! For just £1 its amazing, it shows up really well and doesnt go clumpy or bitty like some mascaras often do. Bargain!

The bronzers not too dark as I wanted a lighter one for the winter. At a cost of just £1 its the perfect colour for me and price!

This eyebrow pencil was £1.99 and considering how long it is its a real bargain, its going to last forever!

The eyeliner is great because you can get a really fine line with it. It also doesnt come off easy which is great! Ive used it a few times now and love it!

Mac Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick ox

A few weeks ago I won a MAC lipstick on a wonderful blog called Some sparkle and shine and you can see Sarahs blog HERE! and the MAC website HERE! 
Ive wanted this lipstick as soon as it came out as ive never tried a MAC lipstick and this is just my colour! Im so greatful to have won this! 

It came in a great big box for some strange reason lol! And inside that box was this smaller box which has a gorgeously wrapped ribbon and little note from Sarah! I was so excited to open the box...

I love the packaging of MACs products and the actual lipstick is gorgeous! I love the colour of it even if its a bit summery for the now chilly weather but oh well, I adore it.

It was so lovely to have a little note in there, such a nice suprise with such an amazing gift! Thank you again Sarah! xx

Bags bling and beautiful things! ox

Last month I won a personalised bag from bags bling and beautiful things and this week it finally came! Im so happy with it, its gorgeous! Im really pleased with the bag as I chose everything on it so luckily it looks really good :)
You can see their twitter HERE! website HERE! and Facebook HERE! 

I love the little bows on it theyre so cute! I chose to have barbie girl because Id find it weird to have my name on it as everyone in the street would know my name! Weird right?! I like to be different :)

I love the cocktail glass! The eyelashes are so pretty too, bigger the better!

Inside the bag is waterproof so if anything gets spilled it can easily be wiped!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wish lists ox

Ive been meaning to do a wish list for ages as there are just tons of things I need to buy at the moment! Theres also quite alot of make up I need but I will do another wish list for that :)

First up, very VERY high on my wishlist at the moment is a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I just cannot afford them at the moment though :( These are my favourite pairs at the moment, I have tried all of these on in Office apart from the Litas in the top left and they are all so comfy, especially the wedges. These prices are off the Office website which you can see HERE! and the Jeffrey Campbell site HERE!

I love Daisy Street, ive not long discovered their site and have been so skint lately so I havent managed to purchase any of the things I want from their site. But these are the main things I love on their site. I actually would love all of their shoes but these 2 pairs are gorgeous. At the moment I love things with skulls, crosses and peace signs on so these tops are gorgeous and I love the skirt! You can see Daisy Streets site HERE!

I have to say I really love Simmi shoes, they have such a range of shoes and I love all 4 pairs of these. As I said im skint at the moment but all of these are really affordable considering how gorgeous the shoes are. You can see Simmi shoes' site HERE!

My hair never really gets the attention it needs, I always just wear it straight because I have never been able to curl my hair with my GHD's and my friend does it so well for me but shes not here 24-7 so I dont bother! Im so fed up of wearing it straight and have wanted some Sleep Rollers for ages. They are LOVED my hundreds of girls and celebs including Katie Price and Amy Childs! Also I want to get one of their bun rings and plait to go around it as ive always been crap at doing buns! You can see their site HERE! I love Aussie so so much I think all their products are fab! Ive been running love on Aussie for ages and im down to about half a bottle of shampoo, I normally have 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 1 three minute miracle! All Aussie products are 3 for £10 at Boots right now which is a bargain! I will be topping up on Aussie very soon, the Boots page with Aussie products is HERE!

These are my 2 favourite jewellery websites at the moment (Chelsea doll also sells other accessories) and im always looking for updates on their new pieces on twitter and lusting on their sites. I won a peace sign necklace on GoGo Phillips twitter not long ago and you can see that post HERE! and since I received it I have fell in love with it and their other jewellery, you can see their site HERE!. Ive entered a few Chelsea Doll competitions and have never been luck enough to win but hopefully will get round to buying some pieces off them when I have the cash. You can see their site HERE!