Monday, 26 November 2012

Eldora handmade/humar hair?? eyelashes ox

A while ago I won these Eldora eyelashes on a blog giveaway, I had never heard of Eldora eyelashes before and they are actually handmade! Also they are real hair which is kind of creepy, I think its put me off wearing them because I havent got round to trying them yet and considering I never leave the house without a pair on shows somethings up lol! I do love how natural they look because you can tell when you get thick black eyelashes theyre going to look very fake on. 
They came with a little bottle of glue which looks like once its opened its hard to keep sealed but I have other glues I can use if it dries up or if its not sticky enough. 
You can see the Eldora online shop HERE! most of their eyelashes are on sale for about £4-£5.

Has anyone tried this make of eyelashes before, what do you think of the human hair part?

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