Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bathroom essentials and my favourite brands ox

So I was just in the bath 15 minutes ago and kept spotting things I could blog about and share with you because I love them and are my favourite bathroom bits!

First is this head towel, this is the second head towel ive used and its much better than the first because is big and would hold any amount of hair! I think theyre so brilliant and alot more easy than wrapping a normal towel around your head! I got this from the Poundshop! I love the poundshop, and what a bargain it was!
When its on it fits like this you just put the part with the button at the back of your head and wrap your hair in the long bit, they always come with instructions, if you have alot of hair, I suggest this!

Aussie is my favourite brand of hair products, I have used them for as long as I can remember, along with other products but I always have some Aussie! They do many different shampoo and conditioners for all hair types and right now I have the Miracle moist, I did have about 6 bottles of the stuff but have used them all and seriously need to stock up! You can see the Aussie site HERE! to find out their stockists, I normally try catch them on offer either in Tesco, Boots, Superdrug or Body care. They cost about £2.50-£3.50 each and are normally on offer for 2 for £5, something like that :)

 For the whole of this year if not longer this is the only shaving gel I have used, its from my favourite shop, Home bargains! It costs about 70-80p which is great and comes out like a pink gel then foams up! Its got great coverage as a little blob would cover your whole leg, it smells quite nice too! Im not sure where else you can buy them but if you have a Home bargains near you , have a look for them there!

 This is also from Home bargains! I loveeee bubble baths and always have to have bubble bath otherwise I dread having a bath! This was quite cheap at less than £1, Imperial Leathers great as the bubbles really last.
After my bath there was still bubbles left after the water had drained! There are many bubble baths out there but unless the bubbles last its a waste of money! I love Imperial Leather, you can see their site and check out their products HERE!

I simple love love love Soap and Glory! These are the bath products of theirs that I have at the moment. I have the
Clean on me (and a mini one) - This body wash is gorgeous, it smells nice and does the job! What more could you want?
Flake away (and a mini one) - This is great body wash, it lathers up nicely and smells yummy!
Scrub your nose in it - This product is supposed to be left on your skin to make it nice and smooth after a few mins but I always get impatient and only leave it on for a minute, its very minty and I find it does sting a bit but that might just be my skin tone. It certainly does leave your face nice and smooth though!
Breakfast scrub - This scrub is great and I havent used it in a while because its running out and I dont want to use the rest until I have a back up, it smells gorgeous like a honey oatmeal, which is probably how it got its name!
Take a look at their site and products HERE!

I am a bargain hunter and this little invention was also from the Pound shop, its a great little tool to have to keep your feet lovely and pampered!

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