Friday, 17 August 2012

My Tans ox

Well you know my lashes so I thought id show you the tans I use!
-St Tropez step 3 mist
-Expose gradual tan mousse
-Creightons instant tan
-Rimmel sun shimmer matte

I bought the St Tropez off ebay NEW as it was a tad cheaper than everywhere else, I like it but it stinks loudly! The applicator sponge is quite good but the tan dries quickly so you have to move fast to prevent patches! 
The expose is from Home bargains, I love HB its amazing! And its less than £1, its gradual so its best to put a coat on the night before you go out or want the tan to show. I love this tan its great and you can bath with it and it doesnt come off, it goes a bit patchy after a few days but only on the crease of your elbow.
The Creightons is also from Home Bargains and smells lovely, its just a normal fake tan and is a bargain at under £1!
The rimmel is my fav but as the weathers so unpredictable I havent used it much lately because the rain just takes it straight off! It costs from £3.50-£7 depending where you buy it, Home bargains sell it now for less than £4.

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