Sunday, 19 August 2012

Daisy butter and New look giveaway! ox

I came accross an amazing blog a few hours ago and there is an amazing giveaway, the blog is called Daisy butter, you can find this blog and get all the info for the giveaway HERE! :) 

The blog collabs with New Look and you can see their site HERE! as if you didn't already know New Looks site, but there you go :)

Basically you have to put together outfits for different occasions as if you were on holiday on Ibiza, so here they are! WOAHHH were going to Ibiza! 


Please comment your opinions, this took me nearly 3 hours so be kind :) 

I didnt want to be too fancy with the photos I just wanted it to be simple to understand as its about the styles and outfits not lots of gimicks, the prices are all there, if theres any mistakes it will only be by a few pence! Ask anything you like and ill find out the answers!

I didnt select any make up for this one as on the beach its not really a time for make up, just keep the glasses on to hide your bare eyes!
Swimsuit- £9.00 from £22.99
Playsuit- £17.00 from £24.99
Sandals-£10.00 from £24.99
Bag- £15.99
Glasses- £13.00 from £24.99
Earrings - £5.99

Varnish - £2.99
Eyeliner - £2.99
Mascara - £2.99

Top- £14.99
Skirt- £12.99
Bag- £15.99
Sandals- £8.00 from £19.99
Eyelashes - £4.99
Mask - £0.99
Eyeshadows - £3.99
Lip gloss - £1 in the sale
Varnish - £2.99

Dress- £19.99
Wedges- £55.99 from £79.99
Earrings- £6.99
Necklace- £6.99
Ring- £2.99 FREE
Bag- £12.99
Theres a buy one get one free on most jewellery atm so the ring would be free!

Varnish - £2.99
Mask - £0.99
Lip gloss - £1.99

Bikini- £3.99 for bottoms £3.99 for top
Kaftan- £10.00 from £34.99
Bag- £9.00 from £19.99
Sandals- £6.00 from £12.99 
Bobble- £2.50

Eyelashes - £4.99
Rollers - £4.99
Bronzer- £2.99
Eyeliner - £2.99
Lip gloss - £1.99

Bikini- £3.99 for bottoms £3.99 for top
Playsuit- £17.50 from £34.99
Bag- £14.99
Wedges £11.00 from £19.99
Hat- £4.00 from £7.99
Bracelets- £4.99
Earrings- £2.99 FREE
Hand harness- £4.99
Theres a buy one get one free on most jewellery atm so the earrings would be free!

Altogether the total is £326.83!
Im that much of a bargain shopper, out of all the items about 80% were sale items and I didnt even realise untill I went  back and wrote down all the prices!
I love a bargain...


  1. Yey, great outfits! Feel free to check out mine on
    Greetings from Bulgaria! :)))

    1. Thank you! Yours are really good too :)

  2. I really love the floral swimsuit, I can't believe I didn't see it myself or I totally would have used it in my entry lol xxx

    1. It was just one of the first ones I saw tbh aha and it goes with the playsuit! The swimsuit youve used is lovely anyway hun xxx

  3. Really nice. The shopping lists are a nice touch too.
    All the best in the comp.
    These are mine.

    1. Thank you! I love yours too the photos are really good! xx

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