Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Some of my beauty essentials ox

These are some more of the Soap and Glory products I have, I love these and they all smell lovely as do all of the S&G products! Here I have the
Hand food - This hand cream is yummy and isnt greasy at all like some creams, a little bit also goes a very long way, this little tube has lasted me months!
The righteous butter - I havent used this much because I have so many body butters and use Cocoa butter the most but its lovely and also goes a long way!
Girligo spray - This spray hasnt been used much but I use alot when I do, I spray it all around my room and on clothes in my wardrobe etc! I love the smell.

I have used alot of cleansers and toners in my time and always go back to Boots, even though its just their own brand its really nice and cooling to use. Ive had these for ages and think its very important to cleanse and tone your face as the way we abuse our faces with lots of make up now days so its best to look after our skin!
 This nail varnish is great, its from Home bargains but im sure its available in other places and its about 70-80p! It removes nail varnish really easily and theres no point wasting loads of moeny on branded nail varnish removers when cheap ones can be just as good!

Now GHDs, since I first got these however many years ago I havent wanted to use any other straightners! They are just amazing and I dont know how anyone could use any other straightners I just love them! They have to be the best on the market by far.

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