Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kleenex facial cleansing range ox

 I was very lucky enough to win this fab goody bag from Kleenex on twitter! I love that it came with an actual goody bag to keep the products in aswell.
I recieved:
Facial Cleansing Wipes
Eye Makeup Removal Wipes
A sample of the Facial Cloths,
Shine Absorbing Sheets
Acompact mirror
Also a voucher for my next purchase. 

I am definatly very impressed with the face wipes and also the eye make-up wipes, they are both so durable and don't contain any perfumes or anything that can sometimes cause wipes to sting my eyes.
 The eye make-up remover wipes are practically the same as the face wipes just not so big and easier to hold when removing eye make up.

The shine absorbing sheets and facial cloths are great too! I dont really get oily skin but hopefully it will help my blackheads and the facial cloths are to be used with cleanser or toner but can also be used dry, I used them with a bit of toner on! I have only used one of each wipe, sheet and cloth but already I am sure I will put the voucher to use and but more of these products. I really do recommend them! 

At the moment Kleenex are giving away these goody bags every Wednesday so RT them and give them a few mentions to show you would love one and you could win one!
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