Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Superdrug haul ox

This is the second time ive ordered from Superdrug whilst their free delivery offer has been on!
I just find it much more convenient for me to get some bits that I need without having to go to the shops. You can see Superdrugs website HERE! if you fancy a bit of online shopping :) the free delivery offers on until the 4th December. 

Excuse the upside down photo! I love carmex and when I ordered this it was on offer for £1.27 but its gone back up to £2.55 now. I always use carmex and even more so in the winter so I had to grab this while it was on offer. The cotton buds are something I use everyday so 300 for just 55p seemed like a good bargain to me!

These were buy one get one free, the toner was £2.99 and the eye make up remover was £3.39 so it cost £3.39 for both which is really good for Simple. Silly me didnt read it properly and thought the eye make up remover was a lotion but its not! Never mind..

Ive recently started using MUA and bought my first item by them which was a lipstick about a month ago. I wasnt that impressed as it seemed really liquidy on my lips but its grown on me now and I have since bought, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and now these by MUA. The nail varnish was £1 and is shade 4. The pallete was on offer for £3 but is now back to £4.

As you can see ive already used a few of these. Last weekend when I went out I had to try some of these colours and they lasted on my skin really well and looked fab! I love them and can see myself using this up quite fast.

The smell of this is amazing, I havent used it yet but I cant wait to! Its so fruity and hopefully its a showel gel that gets really lathered up, I hate shower gel that doesnt! 

All together I spent £10.10 saving £3 on postage :) I love free delivery!


  1. I LOVE the colours in that palette!

  2. Theyre gorgeous arent they! I love that palette its amazing xx