Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ebay jewellery ox

This post is just to kind of show why I love Ebay so much! Many people who dont buy off Ebay just presume that its full of old used tat and dont realise that many business' and companies sell on there so alot of the stuff is brand spanking new! 
I love jewellery and have probably way to much but this ear cuff was only £1.24! However it did come all the way from Hong Kong (most of the jewellery on there is) so I had to wait about 2 weeks but I wasnt in a rush for it anyway. the postage is free too so I dont understand how they make much profit selling it so cheap with free postage but hey ho im not complaining!

Its the longest ear cuff ive ever saw! It comes right down past my neck. For anyone that doesnt know you just pop the top round part behind your ear and is sits there safely for hours! HERE! is a link some ear cuffs including this one.

Ebay is a fantastic place to find cheap pieces like this. I always look for jewellery with skulls, crosses, peach signs etc on there and its just so cheap, I love it!

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