Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wish lists ox

Ive been meaning to do a wish list for ages as there are just tons of things I need to buy at the moment! Theres also quite alot of make up I need but I will do another wish list for that :)

First up, very VERY high on my wishlist at the moment is a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I just cannot afford them at the moment though :( These are my favourite pairs at the moment, I have tried all of these on in Office apart from the Litas in the top left and they are all so comfy, especially the wedges. These prices are off the Office website which you can see HERE! and the Jeffrey Campbell site HERE!

I love Daisy Street, ive not long discovered their site and have been so skint lately so I havent managed to purchase any of the things I want from their site. But these are the main things I love on their site. I actually would love all of their shoes but these 2 pairs are gorgeous. At the moment I love things with skulls, crosses and peace signs on so these tops are gorgeous and I love the skirt! You can see Daisy Streets site HERE!

I have to say I really love Simmi shoes, they have such a range of shoes and I love all 4 pairs of these. As I said im skint at the moment but all of these are really affordable considering how gorgeous the shoes are. You can see Simmi shoes' site HERE!

My hair never really gets the attention it needs, I always just wear it straight because I have never been able to curl my hair with my GHD's and my friend does it so well for me but shes not here 24-7 so I dont bother! Im so fed up of wearing it straight and have wanted some Sleep Rollers for ages. They are LOVED my hundreds of girls and celebs including Katie Price and Amy Childs! Also I want to get one of their bun rings and plait to go around it as ive always been crap at doing buns! You can see their site HERE! I love Aussie so so much I think all their products are fab! Ive been running love on Aussie for ages and im down to about half a bottle of shampoo, I normally have 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 1 three minute miracle! All Aussie products are 3 for £10 at Boots right now which is a bargain! I will be topping up on Aussie very soon, the Boots page with Aussie products is HERE!

These are my 2 favourite jewellery websites at the moment (Chelsea doll also sells other accessories) and im always looking for updates on their new pieces on twitter and lusting on their sites. I won a peace sign necklace on GoGo Phillips twitter not long ago and you can see that post HERE! and since I received it I have fell in love with it and their other jewellery, you can see their site HERE!. Ive entered a few Chelsea Doll competitions and have never been luck enough to win but hopefully will get round to buying some pieces off them when I have the cash. You can see their site HERE!


  1. I agree with so many things on your wishlist haha!
    My wishlist keeps growing when I see all these wishlist posts! :(

  2. Nice wishlist.. I loove the shoes, spikey shoes are on my wishlist too, I'm looking at a pair from topshop at the moment.
    New follower :-)

    Beki x