Sunday, 7 October 2012

Girls with attitude eyelashes ox

I have to say I have been meaning to blog about these eyelashes for nearly a month but I wanted to get a good experience of the lashes first. I won 3 pair of Girls with attitude eyelashes over on Your Coffee Breaks facebook page which you can see HERE! and I love eyelashes, I wear them alot!  You can see a post on the eyelashes I normally wear HERE! and I wear these when I go out because they are thicker but I have been wearing the Girls with attitude ones in the day because for me theyre much faster to put on them doing mascara and my eyelashes are pretty short!

Girls with attitudes twitter is HERE! and HERE! is their website! They do many manyyyy different eyelashes and are £5-£6 with special shaped ones and EXTRA long ones priced at a bit more. They have 25% off when you spend over £10 at the moment AND free delivery which is amazing!

So these are the lashes I got, I received 2 pairs of the glamour ones so didnt bother taking a photo of 2 boxes! I have been wearing these ones for weeks and week almost everyday and the glue still has alot of uses left as do the eyelashes! I just peel the glue off and theyre like new again. (I always add mascara when my eyelashes are on just to make them a tad thicker)

I also received 1 pair of these shorties, they are a bit thinner than the eyelashes id normally wear but I plan to add lots of mascara to them when I use these :)

My favourite eyelash glue has always been Eyelure as its easy to apply and last all day but the glue with these lashes are amazing! You dont have to wait for the glue to dry too much as with some glue which is good as im always in a rush. I seriously recommend these eyelashes theres nothing bad about them for me to say! I cant wait to buy some of their thick lashes!

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