Friday, 19 October 2012


I received an email from Next after entering their last blogger competition to tell me about this new one being hosted on Amy Antoinettes blog and you can see her blog and details of the competition HERE! and this is what you have to do to enter:

"To enter, simply put together a blog post showcasing three winter outfits you've styled using Next's own brand fashion collections. Show off your creative flair with moodboards, pictures, style notes and links to make your blog post as creative and original as you like. Whether you showcase how to take a LBD from day to night or style an outfit for three different occasions - the choice is yours! When your post is live, just pop a link to it in the comments box below along with your email address so I can take a look at your winter wardrobe outfit inspiration."

I really love competitions like this because I find them so fun and I cant imagine how happy id be to win! It would be amazing to think that people like my style let alone be given a prize too! The prize for this competition is simply amazing, a £500 voucher for Next...told you it was amazing! So the 3 occasions I chose are:

Dinner with the girls
Casual shopper
Night out on the town

*All items are all from and by Next, none are branded. They are all available on Next's website!*

and here they are...

Jeans - £22 See HERE!
Top - £30 See HERE!
Jacket - £48 See HERE!
Shoes - £30 See HERE!
Bag - £36 See HERE!
Snood - £16 See HERE!
Total = £182

I love all of the items in this look, I would happily wear any of these things, especially the shoes! These are really trendy and perfect for winter as they look gorgeous and keep your toes warm too!
The top is stunning as is the leather jacket and the jeans are simply altogether the outfit is really pretty. This bag adds some extra studs and ties the look together as there are studs on the shoes. The snood tops it off as the perfect winter outfit for a nice meal with the girls!

Cardigan - £75 See HERE!
Top - £16 See HERE!
Jeans - £32 See HERE!
Boots - £90 See HERE!
Bag - £26 See HERE!
Hat - £8.50 See HERE!
Gloves - £10 See HERE!
Total =£225

Im in love with this cardigan and if it wasnt a bit out of my price range I would be ordering it now! Its just perfect for the cold days as are the gorgeous boots. The jeans keep the look nice and funky as does the top/ The hat and gloves are for some extra warmth and look fab too. Im in love with the bag in this outfit, the tiny studs all over the bag are gorgeous. This look is ideal to spend the day shopping in as its lovely and comfy!

Blouse - £26 See HERE!
Leggings - £20 See HERE!
Coat - £65 See HERE!
Heels - £38 See HERE!
Hat - £12 See HERE! 
Clutch - £35 See HERE!
Watch - £55 See HERE!
Total = £251

This has to be my favourite look and occasion out of all 3! The coat is just amazing and I really want it now ive saw it, same goes for the watch, its really stylish and just completes the look. The shoes and bag are really girly and the blouse is also. I love pussybow blouses and this ones so pretty. The hat would give the outfit a very glamorous look as would the coat! Perfect to keep warm outside and once the coat is safe in the clubs coat room the outfits perfect to have a few drinks and party in!

I really hope you like my styles!! :)

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