Sunday, 7 October 2012

Make-up forever aqua rouge ox

The other day I received a prize from a blog giveaway! I cannot find the blogger on twitter or blogger anywhere so I cant give you here blog but I will try and track her down! I have found her! Aimee runs D beauty junkie blog which you can see HERE!
I was excited to try this as its from the US and I think the only store you can buy it from is in London other than online. You can see Make up forevers website HERE! and their Facebook HERE!
As soon as I opened the package I had to try it straight away. As I hadnt heard of this company before I wasnt sure what so meant to be so special about the product as I know girls and bloggers in the US are loving this and the other shades it comes in. However I now know why its so loved! It stays on so so well and I CANNOT wait to try it on my next night out because its just a little miracle...

You get one end which is the red and the other which is like a top gloss coat which id say its optional. The red part covers really well and one coat is plenty. Its important that you get it within the lines of your lips because you have to correct it quickly before it dries otherwise its hard to get off as its like paint! The lip gloss just gives it a nice shine but I like the look of it without that because it just looks like a lipstick.

So this is what it looks like! It was still a bit wet when I took the photo but you can see how its drying in the top right corner. I love how red it is, the colours gorgeous! 
I kissed my hand about 5 times and tried to smudge it and this is all that came off...

I even give my lips a wipe with a make up wipe after and you can see from the photo that its practically all still! I realise theres a few patches where its come off but I just wanted to show how wear and tear this would be on a night out! You wouldnt have to apply it again all night.

Im really happy with this and its exceeded every expectation that I had! I want to get my hand on some other shades because I love this so much its an amazing product.

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