Thursday, 20 September 2012

Truly Fifi ox

Is this, or is this not amazing?! I was so pleased to of won one of the prizes in Truly Fifis last giveaway on Twitter! The main prize was a hand painted bag and 3 runners up won a hand painted personalized greetings card each and as much as I wanted to win the bag I am still so happy with the card. As soon as I opened it yesterday when it arrived in the post I was really excited and fell in  love with it! I chose to get he card personalised for me as I could never give it away so I keep it standing up on my shelf but when I get round to it I want to put it in a photo frame of my wall :)
For anyone that doesnt know, Truly Fifi is a business ran by a Mom of 3 who paints bags and other personalised gifts. You can see her twitter HERE! and her website HERE!

The card is so well painted and neat! I love the bits of glitter in it too, its just amazing! 

Here are a few snaps of her hand painted bags! She can paint them to look like you with your choise of clothing, accessories, slogans etc! I would love it if you could give her a follow on Twitter as there are more giveaways coming up for some of her amazing items. Also Christmas is near and her bags and cards make perfect gifts.

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