Thursday, 13 September 2012

Crystalized Gem ox

Crystalized Gem

I volunteered to do a post on these gorgeous crystalized shoesto help get them noticed and hopefully get Gemma some more business and fans!
Her shoes are stunning and are like works of art. I cant imagine the time it must take to bling up each shoe! The first ones which are fully covered are just amazing! 
I couldnt even start to explain how much id love to own a pair! When I have the cash its the first thing im buying!

Gemma individually apply crystals to heels, phone cases, ipads, converse, anything! Just DM her on twitter with anything you want her to bling up and she will do her best to make you sparkly dreams come true :)
View Gemmas twitter HERE!

I love the fact she offers to bling flat shoes too because not everyone is comfortable in heels or may just want to sparkle day and night! Blinged converse are something that are very high on my wishlist right now and the white ones with the crystals just look amazing!

I really really REALLY love these pink heels they are simply amazing, I cant see any girl not absolutely loving them! Gemma currently has 415 followers and is doing a giveaway at 500 so please give her a follow HERE! because you dont want to miss out.


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