Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Next’s Seven days of Shoes Competition ox

So today I received an email inviting me to take part in this competition and I was very excited! I love doing competitions like this because even if you dont win its still fun to get creative. You can get more details on how to enter HERE! on the blog that the competition is running on. 

All you have to do is create your own blog post, with details on how you would style seven shoes from Next’s own brand, using clothes from Next. This can be done with a moodboard, links, pictures etc: you can be as creative as you want.

I didnt want to make it too complicated so I just put together the outfits with the most gorgeous shoes I could find on Next! 
You cant use branded shoes and clothes that Next stock for example Lipsy, so all these are just Nexts own range. I chose mostly heels but also a pair of sandals and pumps so I could use a wider range of clothes.

I would love to hear other peoples opinions on my chosen shoes and how id style them so please feel free to leave comments, bad or good! The comp is open until the 28th of September so I have time to change/ammend things if anyone spots a flaw!

Day 1

So this look ive called 'Very Berry' because all these items were named Berry for example 'Berry patent shoe' by Next so that gave me the idea for the name of the complete look! I thought itd be cool to have a look where everything matched but still doesnt look too full on.
I love these shoes because of the platform on them, gorgeous!

Day 2

I called this look 'Posh gal' because its a very stylish look but simple and elegant. This would be the perfect look for work or for drinks with the girls!
I love these shoes and just had to choose these!

Day 3

I dont know where I got the name for this look, it just came to me! I love pink so I had to have a nice pinky look in the 7 days. This is a gorgeous casual look but if you simply changed the shoe to a heel it would be perfect for a meal out too.
These shoes are so cute and if I dont win I might buy them for myself!
Link to the shoes: Heatseal Ballerinas £28

Day 4

I love the clothes and shoes in this look. The pumps are really nice and so is the blouse! I love these bag and used it in a previous look on day 2. This looks great for maybe a day out with the girls at the cinema or shopping! Or just for the school run to get the kids. I wouldnt normally choose pumps but I really love these ones!

Day 5

So this look would be really great for a holiday or if you live by the beach it would work brilliantly. The dress is very pretty and could easily be dressed up but I chose the bag and shoes to keep it casual. I love these sandals I think theyre really pretty and I love the zip on the back.
Link to the shoes: Tan Toe Thong Sandals £32

Day 6
This has to be one of my favourite looks I have put together. It would be great for a day shopping with the girls as the heels arent too high. Its full of more pink but its more subtle than out there. I adore these shoes because you often see celebs in shoes practically identical to this only designer! These are a great cheaper alternative and look really glam. The bags really beautiful too.
Link to the shoes: Nude Toe Cap Metal Heels £65

Day 7

So for the last day I have chosen a look that is perfect for a night out! Its getting colder now so girls tend to wear leggings instead of short dresses when out on the town so this is what made me not choose a dress. Also I have already used a few dresses in my looks. These shoes are super sexy and the snakeskin on them matches the bag really well.

The cost of all shoes together costs £273! Pretty good considering you get 7 pairs of fabulous shoes!

Ive added this photo of the shoes alone because I didnt want the outfits and gorgeous clothes to distract anyone from the fabulous shoes as the competition is called 7 days of shoes :)


  1. I love your mood boards! And I love all your shoe choices. Good job :)

    1. Ahh thank you hun :) I love the shoes too, Next have some gorgeous shoes at the moment x

  2. Wow I just did one of these and after seeing yours I can well and truly say I have no chance of winning. Yours is amazing :)

    Love your blog by the way xx