Saturday, 1 September 2012

My favourite smells ox

I thought I would share with you my favourite perfumes that I own. I am also going to do a post about perfumes on my wish list later! 

First of all is my Ed Hardy - Hearts and Daggers. I love all Ed hardy perfume theyre so gorgeous and sweet smelling. I started using it every day then when I realised id used half a bottle rather quickly I started saving it for best. What I love about it is that the smell last longer than alot of perfumes. It is a few drops away from being empty but im hoping to get some more after saving a few pennies!

 Second is Vera Wang - Glam Princess, I have had this for almost a year and its still going despite being practically empty! It has a very different smell to any other perfume ive used before.

Lastly is Next - Adore, I use this perfume alot as its my everyday perfume. I love how its the cheaper of the 3 but still smells gorgeous, its got a very floral smell to it!

I have about 10 perfumes including, Britney Spears - Curious, Diesel - Red, Sarah Jessica Parker - Cover, Gwen Steffani - Lamb, a few by Next and Asos and a few cheapies!
I would love to hear all of your favourite perfumes!

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