Saturday, 15 September 2012

Soapylicious ox

I got sent these amazing soap samples to try and blog about by Soapylicious over on twitter! Lucky me!
You can see Soapylicious' twitter HERE!
She makes all sorts of soaps in various shapes, sizes, scents and ingredients!

I was sent 4 rhubarb and custard bath bombs! I used one earlier before I took the photo and it dissolved quite quick which I prefer than a long lasting one as sometimes I use bath bombs and they last longer in the bath than I do so its a waste!

A Large soap with a heart in the middle which you cant really see in the photo. Its got baby powder in the ingredients which you can really smell in it. Its smells gorgeous and soapy! I used this soap today and it releases such a nice smell!

Also this large soap which has I <3 U in it, aww! Its got gorgeous honey scent to it. Cant wait to use this one.

One cherry and one vanilla soap, the cherry one is to die for it smells absolutely amazing! The cherry one is so yummy once you give it a rub in the bath on your skin.

And this cute little heart soap! This is called angel and smells yummy too.  

As soon as I received the parcel this morning I was so excited once I realised they were these soaps as I didnt know exactly what I was going to get but I was so pleased with them all because they look and smell amazing! I havent used them yet because I dont want to :( theyre too pretty! But as soon as I have I will update with my thoughts on them!

I HIGHLY recommend these soaps to anyone!
Perfect for gifts and theyre sold at great prices!

She makes many other soaps with all sorts of ingredients and scents including rhubarb and custard, cherry, coconut, lime, chocolate, lemon, vanilla and lavender plus much more! Here are some pictures of her other soaps! Perfect for gifts. All taken from her twitter:

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