Thursday, 13 September 2012

Matis Paris ox

Once again I won something on twitter! This time it was a lip balm by a fab brand called Matis. I was very happy and suprised when I also had a few sample too and because im now a blogger it gave me extra products to blog about! You can see their twitter HERE! which contains a link to their site.

This lip balm smells and tastes yummy! I received the lip balm as I was leaving my house so I applied some just to try and my lips were soft for hours while I was out. It is a really good lip balm and usually my lip balms are in tubes, tubs or tins not in a stick so it makes it a bit more glam when applying rather than wacking out a tub when youre out!

This body lotion smells really nice and gives a nice glow and almost glittery look to your skin.

I havent used this products properly but I gave it to my Mom and she said its really nice and smooth to apply and refreshing too. Although im not actually sure what the products purpose is because it doesnt say!

I also havent used this product yet. 

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