Thursday, 13 September 2012

Alison Claire Remarkable ox

Alison Claire

I was lucky enough to see that Alison Claire were looking for bloggers to sample their products! I dropped them an email and within a few days they sent me a couple of goodies to blog about which was very generous as im forever trying to find things to blog about and new things to try.
They sent me 2 small tubs of Vanilla and Coconut body butter which you can view on their site HERE! and also a gorgeous Lemongrass shower gel which you can view on their site HERE!

Lemon grass shower gel

What they say about this product:

An array of mild and natural cleansers with the subtle fragrance of lemongrass combine for an aromatic, conditioning shower gel that cleans without leaving the skin drained or dry.
The anti-microbial potential of lemongrass and lemon balm add a reassuring extra freshness which is enhanced by the tightening and invigorating action of white willow bark and witch hazel.
Spruce up and spice up with the all-round clean of the Alison Claire Lemongrass Shower Gel.

And this is what I say about the product:

I was so excited to smell the products as I love to smell yummy things and the shower gel looked so gorgeous and I was right to be excited it smells so fresh.  
Update: The shower gel is lush, it left my skin so soft and after my bath my skin smelling lovely! I used it earlier for a second time and I love how refreshing it is!

Vanilla and coconut body butter

What they say about this product:

Warmly fragranced and packed with nourishing natural moisturisers and skin-conditioners this body butter contains antioxidant vanillin - naturally occuring from vanilla pods - which has shown anti-microbial potential. It’s an ideal companion to the exotic herbal extracts. Astringents revitalise, and with the calming effects of aloe vera and hibiscus, it’ll feel like a relaxing breath of new life for your skin

And this is what I say about the product:

The second I opened the lid this body butter smelt gorgeous and I used it straight away! Its lovely and refreshing on the skin. I really do love the smell its such a different fresh smell in their products compared to commercial brands and I hope soon I get round to trying their other body butters when I have the cash.  
Update: Ive used this body butter a few times now and I love it! It makes your skins feel amazing!

In the package there was a booklet with all the info on their other products! I love the look and sound of the mango body butter and their Apricot hair conditioner and shampoo. Their foot creams look really good too! You can 'Fight foot fatigue with this welcome rest and recuperation therapy.' sounds good to me!

None of the products in the Alison Claire So Remarkable range are tested on animals, they are all vegan friendly and free from parabens, PEGs, and phenoxyethanol.

I highly recommend these products and im sure all their other products are just as fab!

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