Saturday, 1 September 2012

My hate for Nail Varnish remover pads! ox

Over the years I have tried many different nail varnish remover pads and I hate them all! The smell (and taste) stays on your fingers forever! I think theyre so hard to use aswell because I find the pads just slip from your fingers as they are so wet. 

I would love to hear how other people get one with Nail varnish remover pads! I just would recommend them to anyone, cotton pads and nail varnish remover all the way.

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  1. I find them a bit annoying too! & especially when you put nail varnish remover on cotton pads and they get stuck to your finger nails :') but recently I bought a dupe for the bourjois one second nail polish remover and I love it! I would definitely recommend it, it is from Poundland and called 'Twist & Out' Really loving your blog, and I am currently reading through all your posts!xx