Tuesday, 18 September 2012

£50 BooHoo blogger challenge ox

In the last couple of weeks ive seen alot of posts for this challenge and I love competitions like this, I find styling outfits so fun! So I came accross the site thats running the competition with BooHoo.com and thought I would enter.

This is what they ask you to do:

"To celebrate BooHoo.com making it into our Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list, we have launched a new blogger challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under at BooHoo.com. Your outfit can include whatever you like, a dress, shoes, jewellery, accessories and whatever else you can find as long as the total cost does not exceed £50. There are four £50 BooHoo.com fashion vouchers up for grabs for the best four fashion outfits, which means if you win you can buy your creation!"

You can go straight to the Fashion Vouchers home page HERE! and see the challenge details HERE!

So here is my entry:

Feel free to leave comments, good or bad!

I thought with Halloween looming and being mentioned here there and everywhere this stylish yet almost gothic look would be fabulous and suitable for the time of year! 
I had to choose these fabulous shoes as I love cats and they are amazing! If I dont win I shall defiantly purchase some very soon. What a bargain at £15. 
I am loving skulls at the moment so I felt it would be wrong not to of picked this clutch, its amazing!
The skirt is very on trend as peplum skirts and dresses are in fashion and so is leather so the fact this has 2 styles trends in 1 item of clothing made it perfect!
And the top adds another colour rather than black, I didnt want to go to far towards a full gothic look.

So overall my items link together in ways because ive gone for a Good and Evil look with the Daunting Skull clutch and Smiley Kitty shoes, also the top is very similar to a pussybow blouse (Kitty and pussy? Get the link?) and the leather carries on the goth look from the skull clutch.

I hope you can see the connections :)

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